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A Stellar Author Platform

We’ll build you a compelling, powerful author platform so you can sit back and watch your fan base explode.

Want Powerful Brand Ambassadors?

Fans love to rant and rave about authors they adore. When you have a compelling author platform all your own, your fans will have a place to congregate, and they’ll bring all their friends! Ultimately, this means more success for you.

Building an Author Platform Can Be a Technical Endeavor. We’ve Got Your Back!

Brand Design and Strategy

Your brand is your business. We can help you focus and streamline.
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Our team will help you unleash the story behind your story, so you can have a lasting market impact. We’ll show you how to build a fan base that’s powered by passionate brand ambassadors. Let your biggest fans drive word-of-mouth sales for you, for free!

Social Media Management

Leverage the passion of your fans to grow your brand and make more money.
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We can help you build a powerful, effective social media following so you can keep advertising costs down. Take full advantage of word-of-mouth by keeping your fans engaged and eager for more information about your upcoming projects. We can show you how.

Audience Analytics

Know where your visitors come from and how to get more of them.
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Knowing who is visiting your site and from where is the first step toward driving massive sales with your platform. With our analytics, you can easily execute precision advertising and social media marketing campaigns. You will quickly drive initial sales, so you can get those 5-star reviews rolling in.

Search Engine Optimization

Let us help you rank higher in search engines so you spend less on advertising.
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Proper search engine optimization is crucial for discoverability. With proper SEO, you can lower your advertising costs over time. Who doesn’t love that? Ongoing SEO campaigns include in-depth testing and optimization along with other off-site strategies.

Copywriting & Strategy

Let our copywriters craft copy that will make your readers eager to sign up to your email marketing list or check out your latest book.
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You’re a great novelist or screenwriter, but that doesn’t mean you’re a great copywriter. There’s nothing wrong with being an expert in your craft but not in another. Let our copywriters drive sales so you can focus on what you do best. Our copywriters understand human psychology and can turn potential customers into avid fans with an irresistible call to action.

Workshops & Training

Learn how to present yourself as a professional author to get more email signups, better reviews and brand ambassadors.
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Learn how to manage your author platform like a pro before you release it to the public. You’ll never be sideswiped by technical issues, and you’ll always know how to get the word out with high-impact blog posts. Our personalized training and workshops will get you there.

Website Development

Own a powerful, lightning-fast website that will serve as your central hub.
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Don’t know how to build or maintain a website? No problem! Use your valuable time instead to focus on what you’re best at—storytelling. We’ll do the heavy lifting in the background. Rest assured that your site will always be there, working for you even when you’re asleep.

Email Marketing

Reach out to your fans and brand ambassadors with powerful email marketing campaigns.
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Let us show you how to drive sales through non-spammy, highly effective marketing emails. Best of all, your fans will want to hear from you! Drive sales—and money into your pocket—at the push of a button.

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